A criminal deduction game without lying, bluffing, or alibis.

4-7 Players | 15-30 Minutes

Availability: Print & Play, Tabletop Simulator

Life Sucks: The Game

A bidding and drafting game where you give up your future potential to avoid the worst life has to offer.

3-7 Players | 20 Minutes

Availability: Tabletop Simulator, Print-on-Demand

Assault On Gumdrop Mountain

A hallucinogen fueled adventure across a sugary landscape for D&D 5th edition.

4-6 Level 5 Characters

Availability: Direct Download

Grandma’s Homemade Apple Spies

A hand management and bluffing game about cheating at your local fair’s pie contest.

2-4 Players | 30 Minutes

Availability: Print & Play, Tabletop Simulator

Jet Magic

A highly-competitive single booster pack versus single booster pack Magic: The Gathering play format.

2-Players | 30 Minutes

Availability: Direct Download

Velociraptor Apocalypse

A fully cooperative zombie survival game in which all the players are velociraptors.

1-4 Players | 60-90 Minutes

Availability: Tabletop Simulator

For Socks Need Not Feet

An accessible RPG where your sock puppet is your character.

Core Mechanics: Resource Management, Negotiation, Acting

Availability: Direct Download Rules Draft